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I'm an Artist based in Coorparoo, Brisbane & founder of Road 2 Art.

My love of art began as a child being totally awestruck discovering my father could draw & transfixed watching my teenage brother and sister draw. Since then, art has always been there for me, an undeniable part of who I am. Following initial fine arts studies majoring in drawing & painting, I embarked on extensive travel, overseas and in Australia.  Spending time living in Northern Territory & Broome reinforced my respect and fascination for exploring the deep history of the Australian landscape.

A foundations fanatic, I strongly believe that drawing acts as an intrinsic launch pad for any creative process, thus it is inevitable that my art blurs boundaries between drawing, painting and sculpture. I love exploring intuitive mark making; rich layers of colour; light & flowing line. The immediate sensation of expressive charcoal; the silky flow of inks and luminous layers of oil are my absolute favourite mediums.

I am currently continuing my art research as a Masters of visual arts candidate with Queensland College of Art.

Celebrating creative community is very important to me. I value an active role within our community as well as working on projects connecting community with our urban spaces. Dedicated to a diversified portfolio I continue to explore my art through commissions, exhibitions, murals & collaborations. My valued work with children, adults & other artists in the community ensures the integrity of my artwork & Road 2 Art.


Helping others discover art is a wonderful privilege!

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